A book without an ending The Field Expanded Audio Book Editions
A book without an ending The Intention Experiment, voted a top Amazon 100 by readers and now a worldwide sensation, is the first book to provide all the scientific evidence about human intention.

It is also the first book to invite you, the reader, to take an active part in its original research.
The Field Lauded around the world, from scientists and non-scientists alike, as the first book to synthesize discoveries from quantum physicists about the nature of consciousness into a unified theory.

The number-one read for anyone interested in paradigm shift, nature of consciousness, the ‘paranormal’ or noetic science.
Expanded Audio Book Editions Living the Field: Tapping into the Secret Force of the Universe - Winner of the "2008 Nautilus Award" for World Changing Audio Books!!!

Living with Intention: Intention is a skill we can all use, but scientifically-based training for this faculty remains scarce.

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Join The Community

The Intention Experiment Community is an open and free community about science, and quantum physics, spirituality, religion, healing etc.

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Start the Journey

Lynne McTaggart has decided to make the Living the Field course available ONLINE – lesson by lesson – for a small sum every month.

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Teleseminar Series

Find out about our very latest Teleseminars with Lynne McTaggart, and how you can bring the impossible into your life

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Tell us your experience after the 1st Healing Experiment


If you were part of the Healing Intention Experiment, please take just a few minutes to tell me how the experiment went for you and if your life has changed in any way – for better or worse: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/SJ852PN



Next Intention Experiment




Lynne McTaggart and Quantum University want to give you another chance to experience the power of group thoughts and learn the results of the first Intention Experiment to be broadcast live on QuantumWorld.TV on May 24th, 2014.


Intention Secrets in the Lost Symbol

Lynne McTaggart, author of The Intention Experiment,
Featured in Dan Brown’s New Book – The Lost Symbol

…human consciousness, as Noetic author Lynne McTaggart described it, was a substance outside the confines of the body. A highly ordered energy capable of changing the physical world.

Katherine (Solomon) had been fascinated by McTaggart’s book ‘The Intention Experiment’, and her global, Web-based study – theintentionexperiment.com - aimed at discovering how human intention could affect the world.

- Dan Brown, The Lost Symbol (Random House, 2009).