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Tell us your experience after the 1st Healing Experiment


If you were part of the Healing Intention Experiment, please take just a few minutes to tell me how the experiment went for you and if your life has changed in any way – for better or worse:



Next Intention Experiment




Lynne McTaggart and Quantum University want to give you another chance to experience the power of group thoughts and learn the results of the first Intention Experiment to be broadcast live on QuantumWorld.TV on May 24th, 2014. 

The Fairness Campaign

I have just returned after two and a half weeks on the road around Pennsylvania and the Pacific northwest, spreading the message of The Bond about survival of the fairest – our need to care, share and be fair. 

It was my first trip back to my home country since January, and what smacked me right between the eyes about the current state of my home country was the unfairness I saw, everywhere I looked.  Everything about the current American experience these days appears to be manifestly, grossly unfair.

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The Declaration of Cooperation

I’m thrilled to announce that the American version of my very latest book The Bond is now available on Amazon and other online stores:

Last week I promised to tell you more about my vision for a new way forward and the thinking behind The Bond.

I explained that, like you, while observing the crises around us – in the economy, in the unemployment figures, with all the devastation in our environment, with gas and oil and food prices skyrocketing and the US government in unprecedented stalemate — I spent three years saying to myself there has got to be a better way. 
There must be a better way to live, to work — even to learn.

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The Bond Tour: A New Vision, a New Way Forward

There’s only two weeks to go before the release of my new book THE BOND : CONNECTING THROUGH THE SPACE BETWEEN US, and I wanted to tell you a little more about the work that I have been doing for three years.  The book was written in response to all the crises we now face, including the financial recession, which I believe have occurred because the livese we´ve chosen to lead are not consistent with our truest nature as givers and sharers.

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