How to intend

Intention – requires technique and practice

Anyone can learn to do effective intention in their life, but it does require some learned techniques.

To find out how to ‘do intention’, Lynne McTaggart interviewed many intention masters – Qigong masters, Buddhist monks, master healers – as well as scientists.

She extrapolated this programme from the common practices of all these diverse healers, plus scientific evidence describing circumstances that created the most positive results in mind-over-matter laboratory experiences.

From this research she offers a blueprint for using intention effectively in your own life through a program she calls Powering Up.

Her complete program is available in her book The Intention Experiment. For more information, click here.

Here are some basics of the program:

• How to choose a special intention space.
• How to power up through meditation.
• When to move into a state of peak focus.
• How to make state your intention and make it very specific.
• How to mentally rehearse every moment of it.
• How and when to visualize, in vivid detail, your intention as established fact.
• The best timing – which are the best days for doing intention.
• How to surrender to the universe’s power and let go of the outcome.