Member FAQs

Q: What is the difference between the INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED membership levels?

A: The INTERMEDIATE membership costs $4/month and gives you access to the “Living The Field” training series. The ADVANCED membership costs $11/month and additionally grants you access to Lynne’s teleseminars, and teleseminar archives.

Q: I have not received my monthly lesson. How do I get that?

A: Your lessons are linked from your members dashboard panel in the upper left hand corner under the Subscriptions section. They are labeled Lesson 1 – Month 1, etc. and are delivered in this section at one for each month you have been a member.

Q: How many lessons are there in total?

A: There are a total of 48 lessons, delivered 1 per month.

Q: I have not received an e-mail to verify my subscription, what is the problem?

A: Your ISP (internet service provider) could be preventing the message from getting to your inbox. You will need to check your SPAM folder if you have one, sometimes messages from The Intention Experiment will end up in a SPAM folder. Otherwise, you can contact your ISP to whitelist all messages coming from or try a different e-mail. If you need additional assistance with this issue or to try a different e-mail, please e-mail support at

Q: I signed up for an Intermediate level membership, but cannot find the links to the teleseminars.

A: The teleseminar archives are only available for Advanced membership levels. The link will be on your members dashboard under the Your Subscriptions section. You can upgrade your membership from the dashboard as well under Add/Renew Subscription. Just choose Advanced Level, and the system will walk you through the upgrade process.

Q: I need to change my password or e-mail, or update my credit card info. Where do I do that?

A: In your members dashboard, under the Useful Links section, you will find links to change your password and edit your profile and also to update your credit card info.

Q: When does my membership renew?

A: Your membership will renew each month on the day you signed up. For example, if you signed up on Wednesday, the 12th day of the month, the next month, your membership will renew on the 12th day of the month and your credit card will be charged sometime between the 11th and the 13th day.

Q: How do I cancel my membership?

A: You can cancel your membership via the link in the Payment History section of your members dashboard. Under the current month of membership, you will see a link that says Cancel. Press that link and a pop-up confirmation window will appear confirming that your membership is cancelled. You must have pop-ups enabled in order for the confirmation window to come up.

Q: I signed up for a membership on The Intention Experiment a while ago, how is this membership different?

A: The other sign-up to become a member of TIE gives you access to the newsletter from Lynne, so you can stay up to date on what is happening at the Intention Experiment. This new membership is for the Living the Field 48 lesson course and access to the teleseminar archives if you’re and Advanced member.

Q: I am a member of The Intention Experiment Community. How does that relate to the membership?

A: The Community is completely separate from the Membership. The Community is free and is set up to allow community members to discuss all subjects openly and freely and to meet other like-minded individuals.

No responsibility is taken for errors or ommissions in this document. Additional FAqs are added often, please check back if you do not see the answer to your question or e-mail member support at Thanks.